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Kiln dried firewood is green wood that has been split and heated in large kilns to speed up the drying process, kill off any unwanted guests (bugs), and reduce the moisture content of the wood. Think of it as a giant oven that creates exceptional firewood every single time!

Kiln dried wood is easy to light, using 1 match you can get your fire roaring! It burns hotter and brighter, giving off up to 35% more heat. It's guaranteed to be free of all bugs, parasites, and mold making it safe to ship anywhere in the United States. With virtually no water weight, kiln dried firewood is also lighter making it easier to carry!

JMS stocks various varieties of wood with our most popular being all oak, which is a blend of red and white oak! If this is your first time ordering, we'll almost always recommend our oak blend for the best first time firewood experience.

Oak is one of the most abundant species of trees in North America, with more than 90 spread across the country. At JMS, we craft our all oak blend from only the best red and white oak trees that were removed for safety reasons, not because they were diseased. 

Our All Oak firewood is the most popular option and for good reason: 

  • As one of the densest hardwoods, Oak firewood produces an incredibly high BTU (heat) and paired with easy lighting thanks to the low moisture content from being Kiln Dried.
  • Oak produces a pleasant and mild smell that has been described as sweet, warming up any space!

Absolutely! With the heat treatment process all of our firewood undergoes and subsequest USDA certification, we guarantee  all of our products to be free of bugs and pests on delivery, making it 100% safe to store inside your garage or house.  
For firewood stored outside, we always reccomend covering it either with a tarp or one of our firewood covers that come with the Woodhaven Racks. Things happen, we get it! If your wood gets wet from an errant sprinkler or unexpected rain shower, just leave it uncovered on the next dry day. Kiln dried wood doesnt absourb water the same way seasoned or green wood does, meaning the water is simply on the surface and will evaoprate the next dry day!

The answer really depends on how frequently you expect to have fires! For the occasional fire or if you'er looking for a truly unique gift, we'd recommend our Fire in a Box, perfect for 2-4 fires. The Weekender or Weekender 2.0 are perfect for townhouses and apartments what don't have the space to store a bulk quantity of wood but plan to have more than an occasional fire. If you're looking for bulk firewood, we sell it in increments of a true cord, 128 cubic feet. The most popular options for bulk firewood are 1/8 cord (16 cuft) and 1/4 cord (32 cuft). Our team is always happy to help you determine which of our offerings would suit your needs best!

We ship all products via UPS same or next day, 7 days a week with most orders arriving in 1-3 business days. To avoid stress, we always recommend reordering before your supplies run low!

All orders ship free anywhere in the United States!

As our products are kiln dried at over 200 degrees for more than 24 hours and possess USDA certification, we can safely ship our firewood products anywhere in the United States and guarantee it to be free of bugs, mold, and other unwanted guests
Nope! For our cooking wood, the package will be left on your front porch or anywhere you usually recieve parcels. For our firewood packages and bulk firewood, we can leave it anywhere on your property so long as we can access the area. 

Our team is here to answer any questions and assist however possible!

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