About Us

Humble Beginnings

Our owner, Jay Walton, was only nine when he told his dad he wanted to mow lawns. His Dad said fine, but he had to prove he was committed. So Jay took out a loan and bought a push reel lawn mower and Jay's Mowing Service was born. He toiled away for nearly 2 years with his push mower, spending his entire weekend mowing his yard. In 2011 he achieved his goal and purchased his first "real" equipment. As his company grew and expanded, our focus shifted from mowing to comprehensive property maintenance which led to the founding of JMS Landscaping.


Today and Beyond

As JMS Landscaping grew, Jay recognized the need for a supply company tailored to homeowners and smaller contractors without large equipment to haul a bulky product. In the spring of 2020, JMS Landscape Supply was born to provide high-quality products to clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland & DC! As with our parent company, JMS Landscaping; the JMS in our name serves as a constant reminder of our humble beginnings. We're proud of our small company feel while still providing our clients with the best product. Contact us today to schedule your delivery!